Welcome to our Rewards Program!


For each of the wallets in the first three tiers, we are offering the opportunity to increase your rewards with a non-contractual agreement to hold CHING, based on your CHING balance at the time of the snapshot, for an agreed period. For each tier you wish to rise, you must commit to holding your CHING for a 6-month period.

By continuing, you agree to the following conditions:

  • Each wallet will receive its original reward based on the snapshot we take at the end of the IDO.
  • If you wish to increase your rewards, you’ll be required to fill in this form and choose the level you wish to hold until. This allows wallets in each tier to hold until Tier IV, thus receiving the maximum tokens available to them.
  • You can choose to increase your tier from any level up to Tier IV. Each tier that you elect to increase by will subject you to another 6-month holding period. For example, if you wish to move from Tier I to Tier IV, you will be required to hold for 18 months.
  • We will monitor your balance using weekly snapshots, and provided you comply with the agreed terms, your reward will increase, and the extra CHING will be delivered upon completion of the holding period.

*All investors can buy and sell tokens at their discretion, including those signed up for this initiative. There are no repercussions for purchasing more CHING; however, wallets that have agreed to participate and elect to sell during their agreed-upon holding period will forfeit their rights to extra rewards.