White (“Toilet”) Paper

Explore the essence of CHIT-CHING’s mission and vision in our Whitepaper. Discover our innovative solutions, ecosystem insights, and strategic roadmap,   in this concise document.


Delve into the intricate details of CHIT-CHING’s Tokenomics document. Uncover the mechanics behind our token distribution, supply dynamics, and governance structure in a comprehensive yet accessible format. From outlining token utility to illustrating growth mechanisms, our Tokenomics document serves as a blueprint for navigating the CHIT-CHING ecosystem.


Explore the inner workings of CHIT-CHING’s wallet system with our detailed Wallets document. Discover the roles and functionalities of each wallet type, from the Issuing Wallet to the Multi signature Wallet. Gain insights into how we prioritize security, transparency, and operational efficiency to safeguard your assets and enhance your overall experience within the CHIT-CHING ecosystem.

In the “Additional Information” document, you can expect to find detailed insights into the CHING Rewards Program, including the structure of the rewards system, conditions for participation, and the process for increasing your rewards through tier advancements. .