Welcome to CHIT-CHING!

In the ever-evolving landscape of the XRPL, characterised by the looming threat of scams, a small group of individuals recognised the need for change. Enter CHIT-CHING, an initiative dedicated to reinstating investor trust and bolstering value amidst market malpractices.

Our mission is unequivocal: to empower the XRPL community through innovative recovery solutions, heightened transparency, and the introduction of novel investment avenues, all aimed at nurturing a brighter future.

CHIT-CHING surpasses conventional token initiatives; it embodies a major shift in the XRPL ecosystem. As the XRPL’s first utility meme, it stands poised to disrupt the norms and confront fraudulent actors head-on. Envision a dynamic force swooping in to combat deceitful practices, dismantling CHITTY scams one at a time.

XRPL Project Warning Flags
Flag Description Impact
Issuing Account Not Blackholed The issuing account can create more tokens, potentially decreasing the value of your existing tokens. Potential investment dilution.
Direct DEX to CEX Wallet Transfers Funds move directly from the project’s DEX wallet to a centralized exchange wallet, raising concerns about transparency and control. Lack of transparency, potential for misuse of funds.
Single or Vague Team Limited or unclear information about the team behind the project can raise doubts about its legitimacy and commitment. Potential lack of expertise or accountability.
High Dev/Marketing/Team Allocation (>10%) A large portion of the token supply allocated to the development team, marketing, or team members raises concerns about the project’s focus and potential for self-enrichment. Potential for unbalanced distribution, less focus on project development.
Inactive Social Media Lack of communication or engagement on social media channels can indicate a lack of transparency or project inactivity. Difficulty in assessing project progress and legitimacy.
Avoidance of Specific Questions Project representatives avoiding questions about key details like token supply or deflationary strategy raises red flags about potential dishonesty. Lack of transparency, potential for misleading information.
Red Flagged by xrpl.to The project has been identified as potentially risky by a reputable XRP Ledger resource. Increased risk of investment loss.
Unverified Funding Claims Claims of project funding without verifiable proof can be misleading and raise concerns about financial stability. Difficulty in assessing project’s financial health and potential for future development.